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" Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others." - Bouilly

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" There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them ". -Dr. Denis Waitley
AAKAR- the first step

This program is meant to familiarize street children and their families with the importance of education through counselling by our staff and later they are enrolled in our organization where, with the help of our non-formal way of teaching through workshops by trained teachers, they are developed a love for learning. They are later admitted in MCD or public schools for formal education. A regular monitoring is done through frequent home-visits by our staff members. They are also helped in their studies at our learning centres opened at different locations for the convenience of children in order to help them in their smooth journey in schools and prevent them from dropping out.

Target Population: children
Geographical Location:- Delhi
Age Group: 4 to 12 yrs
  • To familiarize children and their families with the importance of education in their life.

  • Engaging them in creative activities like drawing and painting and art & craft and thereby making the learning experience of a child a pleasurable one.

  • Organizing cultural activities on different festivals and thus familiarizing children with the culture of the activity.

  • To prevent them from dropping out in the absence of extra tutoring assistance.

Approach & Strategy:
  • Establishing learning centre in an area.

  • Identification of children.

  • Motivating parents and children for education.

  • Enrolling them with CCDF.

  • Preparing them for formal school education by engaging them in non-formal learning activities at our learning centres.

  • Employing qualified and trained teachers for giving teaching assistance to the children attending learning centres.

  • Giving time to time training to the teaching staff by our trained and experienced staff.

  • Giving after-school assistance to the children to avoid drop out.

  • Regular follow up for the performance of the student and assist him for continuous improvement.

  • More and more children are getting interested in learning and are keen to attend the workshops and classes run by our qualified and trained staff for this purpose.

  • The drop-out rate has fallen significantly with the introduction of these classes.

  • Being encouraged by the response received from our children for these learning centres , we have planned to open 100 part time and 250 full time learning centres throughout Delhi.

  • This program has been a great success in cultivating children's interest in academic pursuits and other co-curricular activities.

  • It has helped a lot in preventing the children from dropping out, an acute problem which makes all the efforts of the government and non-government agencies in spreading education futile.

  • The program also helped in identifying inherent talents of children attending these classes.

  • With sustained efforts, we are likely to develop them in a positive way and thus help the society getting benefited by these talents which could have died unexplored without our assistance.

  • Being encouraged by the success of this program we are in the process of extending this program for senior students as well with a dedicated specialized staff for different subjects.


Many of  the children like this need your support. Every penny donated by you helps them survive and regain their childhood and education.

Remember you are creating the future of our nation





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