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" Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others." - Bouilly

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" There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them ". -Dr. Denis Waitley

If interested to contribute to these programs on CSR or individual basis, we can design programs as per your interest/ budget.



1. Pahachaan - Apna Ghar (for homeless children)
This program is designed basically for homeless, hopeless underprivileged children with no one to take care of. CCDF will identify and develop land, and build a complete set-up for their boarding , lodging, health , education and other all-round developmental needs.


2. Sneh Sadan (for the children of working ladies)
This program aims to give stable life & healthy environment for the children of working women who fail to afford expensive crèches and are forced to leave their children in very unhealthy conditions or are unable to leave home and add to the family income/ become financially independent due to infants/children .


3. Muskan (Helpline for guidance to parents & children)
This program is meant to give emotional support and professional guidance to the parents/children facing emotional and adjustment problems and are in need of consultancy/guidance by a qualified and experienced professional. A helpline telephone number will be provided and a counselor will help & advise as per their requirements.


3. Sampurna ( Personality Development workshops for underprivileged children)

This program is for the cognitive development of under-served children and aims at developing all aspects of the personality of these children so that they may not have to face any problems because of some lack in any aspect of their personality due to their socio-economic disadvantage.


4. Saksham- Vocational training program (for weaker section)
CCDF will give vocational training for two groups - children under 'street children' programs and for those who cannot go to school due to age or any other reasons. We will arrange private tuition for such children and provide them vocational training suitable for their intellect to make them self-reliant..
After vocational training, we will assist them in finding jobs or place them as per their talent.


5. Health camp (for children & needy families)
Health is one of our prime concern. We will have a program 'health camp' on different backward locations. Underprivileged children will get benefited from this program. We are planning to have regular health and nutrition checkups on different locations and maintain complete record of the health of children enrolled with CCDF and other needy children.


6. Protsahan
This program is meant to encourage the children of the weaker sections of society to perform better by giving them scholarships for their outstanding talent in various fields . Through this program, CCDF is planning to provide them support for the completion of training in the respective area of their talent.


Many of  the children like these need your support. Every penny donated by you helps them survive and regain their childhood and education.

Remember you are creating the future of our nation





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