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" Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others." - Bouilly

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" There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them ". -Dr. Denis Waitley

Child Care and Development Foundation is intervening in a wide range of areas through its integrated programs in an effort to reverse the cycle of poverty, create equal opportunities for all and help establish a crime-free society.

We at CCDF are constantly striving to make our efforts more tangible to reach a sizable population. Naturally, we need more and more resources to fulfill our dream of making every child enjoy his right to education and a dignified life. However, funding remains a major obstacle as we strive to extend our activities to make a visible impact in the life of a section of society crying for our help.

Whether as an individual, or as a corporation, company, foundation or agency, you can support CCDF work, either through providing funds or through donating your staff time or in-kind equipment and services, by helping us launch and maintain any of the programs being carried out at our various regional offices.

Since, donations in India are exempt from taxation under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, you will not be subjected to any tax related hassles. Detailed description of the methods of sending donations is available at the
'Donate' page of this website.

You can either make a monetary contribution of whatever amount you choose to or sponsor any one of our program office fully or partially.

Staff Requirement:

             Executive Committee/Sponsor as part of the committee
                                         Area Program Office
                                                   Head (1)
 |                                                     |                         |                           |
Program Supervisor(1) Program Supervisor (1) Program Supervisor(1)          | 
Parivartan                           Aakar                     Lakshya            Aahar Apurti
(MCD Schools)          (50 centres)         (20 centres)        
Field Staff (10)       Teachers (70)      Teachers (20)        

No. of children benefited from one office
Total Employees

Infrastructure Requirement

1) Aakar
   a) 20 full day learning centres
   b) 50 part time learning centres

2) Parivartan
   a) MCD schools
   b) Survey

3) Lakshya
a) 20 coaching centres

Apprx. Expenditure per month
                  Rs. 60,000/-


Sponsorship offers a chance to form a beautiful relationship between the Sponsor & the Child. It gives you the firsthand experience of joy of one small practical expression of love.

Remember you are creating the future of our nation




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