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" Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others." - Bouilly

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" There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them ". -Dr. Denis Waitley


Volunteers are individuals who give their time, talents, and skills, without monetary benefit to the organization for its better functioning.

Why Volunteer :

 Volunteering helps not only those whom we serve but is also a very enriching experience to the volunteer himself. It is such a rewarding experience for all of the adult volunteers knowing they're providing these kids something they may not be able to get on their own.  "You can tell you're making a difference just by the hugs and smiles you get when you meet them."

Guidelines :
Volunteer opportunities are available in many different areas including; administrative, development, event coordination, and management. We are looking for dedicated volunteers to help the Foundation continue its mission of reaching the target population.
The following are just a few of the areas we need volunteering assistance:

1. Office Administration
2. Fund Raising
3. Programs

Public relations/ Social awareness
5. Management

Office Administration:

  •  Accounts

  •  Anything from Home

  •  Anything via e-mai

  • Computerizing database

  • Data entry/typing

  • Evaluation

  • Filing and office work

  • Handling calls

  • Internet search

  • Responding to letters

  • Software development

  • Writing content

  • Administration help in the CCDF office on week-days

  • Letter drafting and responding to mails

Fund Raising:

  • Monetary help

  • Tele-calling donors


  • Counseling

  • Education to children

  • Field work

  • Health care

  • Personality development

  • Providing food

  • Playing with children

  • Relief work

  • Service for the upliftment of children

  • Sharing time together with children

  • Street management

  • Teaching drawing and painting

  • Teaching

  • Art and craft teaching

  • Teaching Computers

  • Theatre Groups

  • Training

  • Care for the destitute

  • Contacting schools

  • Giving training for sports

  • Vocational guidance

  • Conducting survey and research

Public relations/ Social awareness:

  • Creating awareness

  • Developing marketing material

  • Publicity

  • Event management

  • Meeting people

  • Marketing of events

  • Media

  • Networking

  • Spreading awareness

  • Web development



  • Financial Planning

  • Designing and managing plans

  • Help advising

  • Investment advise

  • Legal advise

  • Managing volunteers



Many of  the children like these need your support. Every penny donated by you helps them survive and regain their childhood and education.

Remember you are creating the future of our nation





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