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" Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others." - Bouilly

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" There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them ". -Dr. Denis Waitley

Child Sponsorship is a practical and humane concept, as the child receives external support while he/she still remains with parents or guardians and is not uprooted from the family.

Why Sponsor :

According to an estimate more than 50% of the children in India are born poor, end up in the dark alleys without having any identity of their own and are deprived of their  basic human rights like the right to education- right to live a dignified life- right to enjoy their childhood etc.

It is unfortunate that despite many efforts by the government and many private agencies, many children are still illiterate & live a wretched life of ignorance, pain and poverty. Going to school remains their much-cherished dream.

 “A Gift of Educational Sponsorship makes the journey of a child from road to school smooth and brings hope for him for a better life.”

Please join us by giving GIFT OF HOPE to Needy Children through supporting Education for One Year

Rs. 4800/- for One child (Rs. 400/- per month)

Your contribution will be used for:
       • School Uniform
       • school bag
       • Stationery
       • After school support
       • Nutrition given at our learning centres daily
       • Celebration of festivals (with distribution of sweets)
       • Health Check-up

Options available:

         • Donors can sponsor one or more children.

         • Donors are welcome to select a child they would like
            to sponsor.

         • The details of the parents of the child would be made
            available to the donors. Periodic progress of the child
            will be furnished.

        • A child can be sponsored for one year or the
            sponsorship could be continued till the child completes
            its education. In such cases, successful children
            become role models for the society and carry the
            torch further.

        • Sponsor is welcome to visit the school or our office
            whenever he desires and can meet the sponsored
            child and interact with him/her. We trust that this
            would develop close affinity between the child and the

        • You’re not obliged to write, but hearing from you is
            very meaningful to your sponsored child and will boost
            his/her self-esteem.



Sponsorship offers a chance to form a beautiful relationship between the Sponsor & the Child. It gives you the firsthand experience of joy of one small practical expression of love.

Remember you are creating the future of our nation




You will receive:

   • A case history giving
     personal details and
     photograph of the

  • Two letters from the
     sponsored child with
     a note of his/her
     academic progress

 • Annual activity report
    of CCDF and that of
    the specific project
    under which the
    sponsored child is
    attending school.

 • The feedback of your
    donation  within 8

 • Regular information
    of CCDF'S current
    events  by e-mail and


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